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ABC Exam Schedule

Entrance Exam (All First-year students)
June 19  10am - 1pm
Location: Ashland High School - Theater

Theory Exam (All first-year & second-year non-admitted students)
June 19  2pm - 4pm
Location: Ashland High School - Theater

Final Exam (All candidates)
July 5  8am - 11am
Location: Ashland High School - Commons Area

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Ultimate Pursuit (Updates)

We have been busy over the past year updating many aspects of Ultimate Pursuit to make the testing software even more powerful.

Need help with the Overtone Series?

1. Work with the new Partial Worker online program. See help & tips for more info on this powerful new tool!
2. Watch "ABC's of the Overtone Series" videos on Youtube and download helpful PDFs and worksheets.

All woodwind fingering questions will utilize instrument graphics and clickable keys. And all aspects of the music theory entrance exam are also handled by Ultimate Pursuit.


Since 2009, all literature question have specific feedback on every correct and incorrect answer. Every answer now includes the title and composer. Incorrect answers have sound files connected to each answer so ABC candidates can hear the difference between incorrect and correct answers.